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               08: KEEP IN TOUCH      

Gone crazy I lose control
Of my body and of my soul
I refuse, this cannot be
The walls are falling down around me

I feel a certain euphoric fire
Nobody can cut my wire
Come close my friend
And we’ll behold your flaming end

Keep in touch…….

Salutations how’s it going
And would you like to die this morning?
What’s your fancy front or back
Bullet brain or heart attack?

Do you want to know your fate?
Well sorry bud, but it’s too late
Ran out of time
Embrace the blackness in your mind

Keep in touch…….

Time out something’s wrong I think you’re losing it
Been given all of this power you just abusing it
This stupid shit is gonna hit you like a ton of bricks
So time to switch it up and show you what you’re really screwing with

        I refuse….

To even listen to your jokes so
I’m plottin’ my revenge until they hang me from a rope
I’m a strangle I’m a choke ’em makin’ ‘em look until they broken
Better take a step back I’m on edge I might snap

Another day another play
Prepare yourself to fly away    
Surrender now return from life
It’s time to make a sacrifice

No other day no other way
Those phantom words have blown away
There was a girl or was she not?
My only memories are shot

Another day another life…..


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