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Fibenare Erotic LB


Specs :

- Chambered ash Body

- High Grade Burl Poplar Top

- Ovangkol Neck C profile

- Ebony Fretboard 

- Fibenare Pickups 

- Fibenare Floating tremolo

- Fibenare serie/parralel switch

- Gotoh Vintage Locking Tuners

- Transgold Finish

- Fibenare Hardcase


Handmade in Hungary

"After having played many different electric guitars throughout the years, in particular Music Man, I am happy to be joining the FIBENARE family whom I first met some 15 years ago; a family of fine Hungarian luthiers who passionately build instruments by hand, from headstock to pickups. And I have to say, it’s like moving up from a BMW to a Bugatti...."

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