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The new album from The View Inside.

24 bit 96kHz high resolution digital master in FLAC format, plus MP3 320 files. Includes PDF booklet.


FLAC files not compatible with iTunes. Please order the Apple Lossless (ALAC) version instead.


Warning ! ZIP files not downloadable directly to phone/tablet. Please download to computer first before transfering to mobile device, or buy directly from iTunes.


Le nouvel album de The View Inside.

Master numérique 24 bit 96kHz haute resolution en format FLAC, plus fichiers MP3 320. Livret PDF inclus.


Fichiers FLAC non-compatible avec iTunes. Merci de commander la version Apple Lossless (ALAC) à la place.


Attention ! Fichiers ZIP non téléchargeables directement sur tablette/téléphone. Télécharger d'abord sur ordinateur, ou se diriger vers iTunes pour une version direct smartphone.

Strange Destinations FLAC Hi -Res

  • 1. Passage

    2. Bad Neighborhood

    3. Stuck Under

    4. Son Of Someone

    5. The End Of Me

    6. I'm Not Supposed To Be Here

    7. Unvirtual Reality

    8. Pleased To Meet Me

    9. Father Of The Future

    10. Mother Of silence

    11. Work Of Art

    12. Portal

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