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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY : Ludo's Guitar Legends Pack with 64 presets for Line6 Helix. Based on legendary guitar players' gear. Version 3.15 compatible with Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT and Helix Native. Compatible with Variax Standard and JTV Models NOT Compatible with Variax Shuriken ! Tweaked for Variax, Powercabs and stereo D.I. No IR's required. Presets may contain snapshots . Some snapshots only work with certain Variax tunings/models. All presets compatible with a standard guitar (results may vary depending on the model used). NO REFUNDS

HELIX Ludo's Guitar Legends 3.15 Pack 64 Presets

  • Contains setlist "Guitar Legends" and manuals.

  • KEITH ME (style Keith Richards)
    MANATHAN CLEAN (style Eric Johnson)
    E.J. LEAD (style Eric Johnson)
    PANAMA’S PAPERS (style EVH) A.T.
    LUCKY LUKE (style Steve Lukather)
    IRISH DELAY (style The Edge)
    KING OF QUEEN (style Brian May)
    CARLOS SUSTAIN (style Carlos Santana)
    JIMI’S CHILD (style Jimi Hendrix)
    JEFF’S SHOP (style Jeff Beck)
    STRAITS STREET (style Mark Knopfler)
    PINK MOON (style David Gilmour)
    SATCH (style Joe Satriani)
    PASSION & WAR (style Steve Vai)
    METAL THEATER (style John Petrucci)
    MIKE’S CHORUS (style Mike Stern)
    GIVE ME THE JAZZ (style George Benson)
    FUNK SYMBOL (style Prince)
    THE HITMAKER (style Nile Rodgers)
    WALKWAYS BLUES (style Gary Moore)
    ENGLISH COPS (style Police)
    ALLAN’S PLANET (style Allan Holdsworth)
    CONTINUUM (style John Mayer)
    GORE MODE (style Martin Gore, Depeche Mode)
    GREEN PEACE (style Green Day)
    BUNS & ROSBEEF (style Slash, Eb)
    KIRK & JAMES (style Metallica)
    MATT’S HOLES (style Matthew Bellamy)
    EARVANA (style Kurt Cobain)
    POP KORN (style Head & Munky)
    GERMAN SWEETNESS (style Ramstein)
    AGE OF STONER (style Josh Homme)
    IRON DUET (style Iron Maiden)
    TEXAS METAL (style Dimebag Darrell)
    CLAP TONE (style Eric Clapton)
    STEVIE’S LAMB (style SRV)
    RADIOHAND (style Tom Yorke)
    PURPLE SMOKE (style Ritchie Blackmore)
    MACHINE RAGE (style Tom Morello) drop D
    JIMMY’ S HEAVEN (style Jimmy Page)
    BAROCK (style Yngwie Malmsteen)
    HOT ROD (style Billy Gibbons)
    BLACK TONY (style Tony Iommi)
    CALIFORNIA MOTEL (style Eagles)
    MR 335 (style Larry Carlton)
    THE CROW (style The Cure)
    SURF FICTION (style Dick Dale)
    INDIAN SHADOWS (style Hank Marvin)
    RUSH HOUR (style Alex Lifeson)
    ALKA SETZER (style Brian Setzer)
    LAND O’ (style Michael Landau)
    ROBBEN G.M. (style Robben Ford)
    JOE’S BONE (style Joe Bonamassa)
    JOHN FIELD’S (style John Scofield )

    New !

    ALLEN’S FUSION (style Allen Hinds)

    B.B. THE KING (style B.B. King)

    CHUCKY BE GOOD (style Chuck Berry)

    GUTHRIE’S CATS (style Guthrie Govan)

    LA BOMBA ! (style Ritchie Valens)

    R.I.P MARTY (style Marty Friedman)

    SCOTTY’S ECHO (style Scotty Moore)

    SHAWN’S LINE (style Shawn Lane)

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