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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY : Ludo's 80's Legends Pack 16 presets Line6 helix based on legendary guitar player's gear version 3.15 tweaked for variax , power cabs and direct console in stereo Compatible Helix Floor , Helix Rack , Helix LT and Helix NativeNO IR'S requiredpresets may contains snapshots . Compatible with Variax Standard and JTV Models NOT Compatible with Variax Shuriken ! Some snapshots are only working on VARIAX TUNINGS / Models You Can Use All Presets with a Standard Guitar (Result may change depending on models used.) NO REFUNDS DEMO VIDEO

Helix Ludo's 80's Legends Pack 16 Presets 3.15

  • Contains Presets  and manuals

  • MANATHAN CLEAN (style Eric Johnson)
    E.J. LEAD (style Eric Johnson)
    LUCKY LUKE (style Steve Lukather)
    IRISH DELAY (style The Edge)
    KING OF QUEEN (style Brian May)
    STRAITS STREET (style Mark Knopfler)
    FUNK SYMBOL (style Prince)
    PASSION & WAR (style Steve Vai)
    ENGLISH COPS (style Police)
    GORE MODE (style Martin Gore, Depeche Mode)
    SATCH (style Joe Sariani)
    BAROCK (style Yngwie Malmsteen)
    RUSH HOUR (style Alex Lifeson)
    THE CROW (style The Cure)

    R.I.P MARTY (style Marty Friedman)

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